Alternative To Traditional Septic Systems

Alternative septic system for home or residence

Ecotec DEQ Certified Wasterwater Disposal

Every so often someone asks about alternative septic systems or if there are any alternatives to the traditional septic system.  The new type of Alternative Septic system is a small treatment system for households.

New Type of Alternative Septic System

Alternative systems “clean” the wastewater (reducing the organic load, nutrients, and pathogens) before dispersal to the receiving environment.  Alternative systems require less soil.  In other words, the drain fields are smaller, and the standoffs to the water table and soil restrictions are reduced.

With conventional systems, the soil is “cleaning” the wastewater just as much as the septic tank. With alternative systems, most of the “cleaning” is taking place in the advanced treatment unit, which is a tank or container with a blower and/or filtering media.