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Why Use Infrared?

Why Use Infrared?  A Picture Says A Thousand Words. Infrared thermography is the only diagnostic technology that lets you instantly visualize and verify thermal performance. Nearly everything that uses or transmits power gets hot before it fails. Cost effective power management is critical to maintaining the reliability of your…

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Roof Inspections and Drones

Roof Inspections and Drones:  A Tool In Our Tool Box If you work in the solar, insurance, or roofing industries, chances are that you’ve heard about drones. You might even be thinking about purchasing one. And for a good reason: the latest advances in drone technology are fundamentally changing…

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Alternative To Traditional Septic Systems

Alternative septic system for home or residence

Every so often someone asks about alternative septic systems or if there are any alternatives to the traditional septic system.  The new type of Alternative Septic system is a small treatment system for households. New Type of Alternative Septic System Alternative systems “clean” the wastewater (reducing the organic load,…

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